About Burwarton

The Burwarton Estate is located in Shropshire, more specifically between Ludlow and Bridgnorth

Where are we? 

The Burwarton Estates comprise of 15,000 acres and are owned by Viscount Boyne, members of his family, and several family trusts. The bulk of the estate is located in Shropshire but there are also land holdings in North Yorkshire. In Shropshire the estate is comprised of two land holdings, the Burwarton Estate itself and the Peaton Estate located approximately 4 miles to the west of Burwarton. The Shropshire estates lie mainly within the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with the single most dominant geographical feature being the Brown Clee Hill, which rises to 540m and is the highest point in the county. 

The Estate has many agricultural holdings let to tenant farmers, but also has a Home Farm consisting of 2,400 acres. The Home Farm is a mixed farming unit with a dairy milking 200 cows, a sheep flock of 2,000 ewes and arable land growing wheat, barley, oats, and oil seed rape. 

Alongside the farming, woodlands are an important part of the landscape. An estate maintenance team is employed to manage the woodland. Firewood and Christmas trees are two of the woodland enterprises which are undertaken. 

There are also approximately 180 residential properties as well as commercial and agricultural lettings here. Our team in the Estate office are responsible for managing these and Lord Boyne is very much a part of the day to day running of the Estate. 

We also host one of the biggest agricultural shows, Burwarton Show. If you haven’t been before, it’s a must visit! Lord Boyne is the show president, and the team of Estate employees all play a significant part on the day when it comes to stewarding and car parking.

Our History? 

Sitting approximately 780 feet above sea level is Burwarton House. The principal house and home of the Boyne family dates back to 1835. The architect responsible for the building of Burwarton House was Anthony Salvin who designed it in the Italianate style. In 1876, Salvin was again engaged to carry out further alterations, which were followed by additions in 1906 and 1922. Burwarton House was greatly modified and reduced in 1956 to its present size

The family inherited the estate in 1807. This followed the marriage in 1796 of Harriet, daughter of Benjamin Baugh, to Hon Gustavus Hamilton, later 6th Viscount Boyne. During the 19th century, the estate was further enlarged until some 8,500 acres was sold in 1919. This reduced the estate to a core comprising the three parishes of Burwarton, Cleobury North and Aston Botterell. 

The landscape of the estate has remained much the same over the years, with considerable amounts of woodland being planted and pools being constructed on the Brown Clee Hill. The Bridge pool is thought to have been created in the 1830s as a fire pool for the house.

There are also the pools known as Brancepeth and Boyne Water, which is approximately 1.5km from the main house. This became the graveyard to a German plane during one of the World Wars. It now thrives with wildlife and is a real beauty spot on the Estate. 

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